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Additional Info

Thank you for visiting our website! We created this page to provide important information that will guide you through our dental practice.

In our office, you are our guest, treated with personalized care and respect from the moment you walk in the door. Our goal is to be the best Torrance dentist office and we aim to provide the best treatment and diagnosis that a dental practice can possibly give you. We prioritize our patients’ goals through an open dialogue between the patient and our team. Each working space has patient education software that helps us translate dental terminology to a more patient-friendly format.

Please, do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you and providing you with the best dental care possible.


Cosmetic and Dentistry Introduction

Our priority is your comfort. We have earplugs and iPods to ease you during treatment. We have pillows and blankets to keep you cozy. Patients with dental anxiety and dental phobias have the option to be sedated either orally sedated, iv-sedation, or anesthesia. Our treatment counselors are readily available to discuss your needs, whether it’s a prior call or during your first consultation. Our treatment counselors are determined to make all necessary arrangements to fit your individual needs. This is your treatment; get involved and ask questions! We believe that an involved and informed patient is more likely to attain the best healthcare possible. We can’t wait to work with you to reach your ultimate healthcare goal!


First Time Visit

Your first visit to our Torrance dentist office will contain a consultation reviewing and explaining your treatment options and diagnosis. Sometimes, treatment can be done on the same day as your consultation. However, the more complex your medical history and treatment plan, the longer it may take. We may require a second appointment for further evaluation and treatment on another day.

When you visit us for the first time, please provide the following information:

  • Current medications list
  • X-rays (if possible)
  • Dental insurance
    • Proof of insurance (card)
    • Primary subscriber on plan (all information)

Providing us with these can help us save you time and evaluate a treatment plan quicker.

IMPORTANT: All patients under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the treatment and consultation.

If surgery is needed, please let us know if you have a medical condition that may be of concern (i.e., rheumatic fever, artificial joints, and heart valves, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) or if you are taking medication (i.e. anticoagulant therapy, aspirin, heart medications, etc.)



We request that you have any x-rays from a previous physician or dentist be forwarded to our Torrance dentist office. If time is limited, please provide them physically to our office. If we require more x-rays, we will take them at our facility.


Financial Policy

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, for your convenience. We accept cash, at a discounted price, for procedures that aren’t covered by your insurance, or for patients who do not have insurance. We try as much as we can to make dental care affordable to you. That’s why we work with CareCredit and Citi Health to offer you Low-Fixed Rate and Interest-Free payment plans, for qualified patients.  If you are interested in learning more about our payment plans, please call us or click the links below:

We provide the best care for a reasonable price for our guests. Therefore, payments are due the time your treatment is performed unless there are other arrangements that have been set. If you have any questions, please call us at 310-320-0707.

Most questions can be answered with a quick and simple phone call. Don’t forget that you, the patient, are completely responsible for all charges made by the office despite your insurance policy. A monthly statement will be provided to you. Most insurance companies respond within 4 to 6 weeks. If your statement doesn’t mirror your insurance, please give us a call within the timeframe. Any balance that remains after your insurance pays is your responsibility. Prompt pay is appreciated. Arrangements for a monthly plan can be made but only prior to your procedure. We thank you for understanding and please give us a call if you have any questions.


Controlling Infections

Universal precautions and infection control protect staff and clients the same. Our dental team, our dentists, and you benefit from infection control. The vital element for safe and good dental practice is trust. Discuss with and ask our staff and doctors about this topic and you’ll be sure to receive a straightforward answer.

All highly trained staff and doctors of Personal Dental Office follow procedures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). The procedures include:

  • Disposable materials
  • Sterilized equipment before each use
  • Chemical disinfection of surfaces and countertops
  • Face masks and gloves
  • Disinfectant hand soap