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General Dentistry services offered in Torrance , CA

General dentistry is the backbone of all dental care. At Select Dental & Orthodontics in Torrance, California, the dedicated team of multi-specialty dentists performs a broad range of general services, from teeth cleanings and oral cancer screenings to crowns and bridges. The practice joins multiple dental specialties under one roof. Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about general dentistry.

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry refers to the routine care you receive when you visit the dentist. Unlike specialists, which focus exclusively on one area of dentistry, general dentists provide a wide range of services. 

Preventive care is the foundation of general dentistry. The team at Select Dental & Orthodontics strives to keep your smile healthy, beautiful, and free of decay. 

What does general dentistry include?

Select Dental & Orthodontics provides a full scope of general dentistry services that include:

Teeth cleaning

A teeth cleaning is a routine form of dental care that removes plaque from your teeth and gums. Plaque is a clingy type of bacteria that sticks to the teeth. Over time, plaque releases toxins that eat away at your tooth enamel and cause cavities. The team recommends scheduling a teeth cleaning at least twice a year to prevent cavities and gum disease.

Oral cancer screening

An oral cancer screening involves examining your jaw, neck, and the tissues inside your mouth to identify abnormal growths and lesions. Select Dental & Orthodontics uses the OralCDx® brush system to test white and red lesions for signs of cancer.

Dental sealants

A sealant is a preventive treatment that seals out bacteria by providing a barrier between your teeth and bacteria. The team applies dental sealants to the chewing surfaces of your molars if you’re at risk of tooth decay.

Restorative treatments

Restorative treatments, such as crowns, bridges, dental implants, and dentures, can repair damaged and missing teeth to restore your tooth function and appearance.

Periodontal treatments

Protecting your gums is essential in preserving your oral health. Periodontal treatments target plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) that accumulate on the gums and beneath the gumline.

The general dentists at Select Dental & Orthodontics also specialize in cosmetic dentistry to enhance the appearance of your smile.

How does advanced technology improve general dentistry?

Investing in advanced technology enables the Select Dental & Orthodontics team to provide precise, comfortable care. With devices such as Biolase®’s Waterlase and EzLase to perform laser dentistry, ViziLite® Plus for oral cancer screenings, and-cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) for 3D imaging, the team can perform general dentistry services with minimal pain and downtime.

Call Select Dental & Orthodontics today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about general dentistry.

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