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Root Canals

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Root Canals services offered in Torrance , CA

A root canal provides an effective and minimally invasive treatment for damaged or infected tooth pulp. At Select Dental & Orthodontics in Torrance, California, the highly trained team of restorative dentists and oral surgeons regularly uses root canal therapy to prevent extractions and preserve permanent teeth. Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about root canals. 

What are root canals?

A root canal is an endodontic procedure that involves the removal of your tooth pulp (the soft substance inside of a tooth). If your tooth pulp gets infected because of a cavity or trauma, a root canal can reduce your risk of potentially serious issues.

Removing the pulp and covering your tooth with a crown stops the pain, prevents the infection from spreading, and preserves your smile.

When are root canals needed?

At Select Dental & Orthodontics, the team uses root canals to treat damage to the tooth pulp caused by:

  • Untreated cavities
  • A chip or crack in your tooth
  • A blow to the mouth
  • Extensive dental work

If you develop symptoms, like swelling, tooth pain, or a sensation of heat in your gums, contact the team immediately. They can promptly treat your symptoms, bring relief, and help you avoid complications. 

What do root canals involve?

At Select Dental & Orthodontics, root canal therapy involves two visits spaced several weeks apart.

The team first reviews your dental records, asks about your symptoms, and completes an oral exam. Then, they take digital X-rays to get a better look at your tooth and the pulp inside. If your X-rays confirm an infection, they numb your mouth with an anesthetic and remove the pulp from inside your tooth.

Next, they clean the inside of your tooth out and fill it with a material called gutta-percha. After the gutta-percha dries, the team takes impressions of your tooth and bonds a temporary crown on top.

They send your impressions to a dental lab that creates a custom crown from porcelain or another tooth-colored material. When the lab finishes your crown, you return to Select Dental & Orthodontics.

Finally, the team replaces your temporary crown with the permanent one, checks your bite, and polishes your teeth. They also explain how to keep your crown in optimal condition.

What is recovery like after a root canal?

After a root canal, your gums might feel sore and swollen when the anesthetic wears off. It’s important to rest, drink plenty of water, and take over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication to reduce inflammation.  

Avoid biting down on your treated tooth for at least 48 hours. You might also need to eat soft foods, such as mashed potatoes, yogurt, or soup.

Call Select Dental & Orthodontics today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about root canals.

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